Martine Bizouard


My job is helping others to work better, be more agile and making change easier. I’ve done this with success for my clients for over 10 years now. These topics fully caught my attention when, as team manager on the trading floor of an international bank, I drove my team in the maelstrom of an nth merger depicted as a severe cultural choc. My primary concern was the individuals in my team, helping them leave the past and embrace the future, its new system with its new paradigm and mindset.

I’ve always paid great attention to people’s development in their job and their relationship at work even before I became a manager. From young graduate mentoring interns to seasoned manager with leading a team of experts and business support, I’ve always made other people’s development part of my job together with the team’s efficiency. One day, it became clear my next step would be to become professional at that.

I trained in psychotherapy, studied coaching with great and diverse mentors and learned to provide my clients with the help the need to change and grow and help their organization change and grow. I founded my coaching company, Terra Incognita, which name expresses my belief that my clients increase their skills by exploring existing territories which they have not yet discovered.

I concentrate on working with leaders who desire to change for a better outcome for them, those who are around and the system they lead. More and more leaders get to the point they see the way by which they get results is an important part of the quality and sustainability of this results. They want to “change the way we do” to do better and look for the triggers and the path for such a large change in their organization.

I work for the purpose of making things better, using my skills to support those who are in a position to implement the change and help grow the community of those who can make “work” a better place for a better outcome. Actual changes in the way people interact and get results, new developments and termination of obsolete or inefficient processes, only these tangible results show the change is happening. That’s what I help my client achieve.

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Philippe Leliaert


“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”. This quote by Charles Darwin is one of my all-time favourites. It speaks to me of agility - a quickness of body and mind, the ability to adjust - and of resilience - the ability to recover quickly. I have made it my mission - both in my personal and professional life - to help people become both more agile and more resilient. I believe these to be two key qualities that everyone needs - and not only those who lead.

*Agility means so much more to me than merely being adaptable to changing circumstances. I believe it is about posture:- a combination of mindset and behaviour that is steadfast towards the achievement of common goals, yet also open to the possibility that changing course may yield unseen opportunities. And that includes opportunities that others may see where you do not.

Although I studied engineering, I was trained as an problem-solver. And this certainly served me well during my initial professional career. But soon I hit a brick wall: as an internal auditor, my recommendations for productivity improvements, which had been discussed with, and agreed by the auditee, were not always executed, at least not the way I had in mind! And there I learned that the solution was not mine to find, but by those that had to own it.

Since then, and for over 17 years, I have been a consultant, trainer and coach helping organisations work better together towards finding solutions that work for them. My engineering and auditing backgrounds bring me to ask challenging questions that may at times test the limits of people’s comfort zones, but then again entice them discover possibilities beyond.

I enjoy taking people in teams on a journey of learning - about themselves, their colleagues, the way they work as teams - mostly through games and simulations (and occasionally Argentine tango) that offer a fun, safe and risk-free environment for finding and testing boundaries, for failing and for succeeding, for discovering a route towards truly exceptional team performance.

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Serge Pegoff


I have been helping some of the world’s leading organizations with their large change challenges in Europe for over 20 years. More importantly, I have “walked the talk” and successfully managed groups of consultants at Arthur D.Little and KPMG and then more than 50 engineers at Unisys by paying close attention to the human side of change.

But in truth, I am far from a natural line manager in fact it took me time to realize that in order to do the kind of work that keeps me passionate, helping middle managers to be engaged and growing at work, I would need to become a coach for executives, management teams and change managers.

And through study, experience, having some of the best business coaches in the field as my mentors and investing in my personal growth, I have learned what it takes for leaders to become highly effective at driving large changes – and that’s what I help them to achieve, together with my professional friends.

My particular focus these days is on working with integral leaders who want to create a context for agile cooperation and human growth and who are also open to challenge themselves to grow. Since leaving the corporate world many years ago I have been astounded at the increase of the number of these integral leaders. Yet I have also seen how many of these integral leaders are also struggling to achieve their mission because they are isolated in their organizations and the definitive “code” for leading large cultural changes has not been written yet.

I have made it my passionate mission to help integral leaders succeed in reaching their mission and get the recognition and rewards they deserve.

If you like what you have read so far, and you think I may be able to help you with some of the challenges you’re facing, then why not contact me for an informal discussion. Send me a message via this site contact form and we will sort something out.

On a personal note, I am the proud father of 5 children who are now adults living their own life - Géraldine, Virginie, Ludivine, Simon and Lionel. I am also a practiser of Vipassana meditation and this practice helps me to accept the highs and lows with more equanimity.

Guido Santermans


In the late years of my professional career I found out that working with people in organisations is my intrinsic motivation, and moreover that my life balance gains in value. Helping people, individually and in teams, grow and turn their potential into life, brings energy to them and to me. It is enjoying and relationally rich and I feel thankful that I can now fully share what I have discovered over time. The true meaning of Transitio, my small personal set up, is coming through, thanks also to the valuable network of colleagues and friends I learned to know over time.

After a 35 year career as a Human Resources specialist and manager, I started in 2003 as a self employed coach and facilitator for individual, team and organizational development, change management, leadership effectiveness, career and competency coaching, team building, and organizational strategy. My own experience within organisations, combined with twelve years as an external consultant, have offered me a broad scope of skills and useful concepts, as well as a simple solution focussed language in cooperating with clients of different backgrounds, levels and cultures.

My basic education was a Masters in Organisational Psychology and a post graduate in Applied Economics at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. I worked in diverse cultural backgrounds: Central Africa, US, British, French, Belgian, European ‘tout court’, in profit and non for profit organisations, private as well as public.

One small discovery: people who seem vulnerable and humble often disclose more insight and value to the team than the one who visibly stands in the front on a table with a ‘compelling message’. Supporting the small steps in finding a better energy balance, the right dynamic drive and … solution focussed agility is my contribution.

If you think I may be able to help you, I look forward to meet you, warmly. Just send me a message via this site contact form.