• Polarities: a systemic approach for business dilemma

    Whenever we are confronted with conflicts around business dilemmas or complex challenges, one or more polarity(ies) could be the root cause(s). Some examples are: Centralized versus Decentralized Reduce cost versus Improve quality Compete versus Collaborate Take care of the organization versus Take care of the customer Deliberate strategy versus Emergent strategy Focus on task versus Focus on relationship Verify versus Trust Advocacy versus Inquiry A polarity is composed of two opposites which do not function well independently.
  • Structured self-management is agility: BOTH creativity AND cooperation

    Using hierarchical control for alignment & collaboration is killing creativity Since they exist, almost all companies are using hierarchical control to ensure alignment and collaboration. The same companies need also creative employees at every level in order to thrive or just to survive! We know that self-management is the first and most important driver of human engagement and creativity: this has been proven since the 80s in psychology research1 and in real companies2.