• Develop effective team behaviors with the feedforward process

    Fight silos by helping your team members to evolve their behaviors Henry, the head of the management team of the technology group of a worldwide IT company, was concerned about the mistrust between his team members and their silo mentality behaviors: they were always giving more priority to the results of their own departments, even at the expense of the overall results of the whole technology group. Henry asked us to run 3 half-day team-building sessions to strengthen mutual trust and reduce the silo behavior of team members.

    You want more cooperation, agility and human growth in your organization. But progress is slow.

    Your organization must continually adapt to its turbulent environment. You know this requires middle managers’ cooperation, and top managers’ support. But you perceive that their management practices and behaviors too often keep people working in silos and feeling demotivated: collective inertia and organizational ineffectiveness. You ask yourself: - How can I instill a management culture based on cooperation, commitment and focus on results? - How can I, with my team, influence top management and the system around us?