• Only widespread self-awareness can make traditional management systems sustainable

    All power based hierarchies create these work contexts: Top/Middle/Bottom/Customer Traditional management systems are based on hierarchies with a large discretionary power of bosses over their (direct) reports. So our work experiences are influenced by our perception of the relationship with our direct boss. I vividly remember some periods of strong engagement when I was working for Jan or Eddie and the long periods of frustration and powerlessness when working for some of my other previous bosses.
  • How can we continuously develop self mastery?

    The foundation of a successful implementation of these strategiesleverage-points] is your own self-mastery, which I will define here as a the sum of these competencies: - your systemic understanding of the (work) system around us - your permanent inquiry of how we can better impact this (work) system - your self-awareness, including the alignment of our actions with what we strive for So how could you continuously develop your own self mastery?