Why did people like you join this workshop?

The new Organization Workshop is for managers and employees working in organizations that are facing complex and rapidly changing environments and which need to evolve their management approach to increase cooperation, human growth and agility.

Based on a business simulation, this workshop has helped managers at forward thinking public and private sector organizations around the world experience: - why traditional hierarchical organizations result in low cooperation and agility and little capacity to change - how new work principles and practices can develop self-managing, cooperative and agile managers and employees

Here are video extracts of this workshop, including participant’s reactions:

What did they learn?

After the workshop, participants are able to: - identify predictable, dysfunctional patterns of organizational systems and their root causes: appreciate at a far deeper level the subsequent difficult issues for all people in Organizations - build on these behaviors to put in place management practices to improve organizational agility - use developmental practices that lead to human growth: increased capacity to effectively contribute to complex and uncertain challenges, like business agility

This is the 3.5-hour demo version based on the same business simulation we use in the 1.5-days workshops we run with organizations.

Where and when?

This workshop was delivered as planned, with 29 participants.