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Why should you join?

To cope with its more and more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) reality, your organization needs people at every level to advance their human growth: contribute to more complex and wider business challenges

Your traditional hierarchical organization does not help enough to advance human growth. With great regularity, it - limits individual initiative by imposing detailed controls and punishing mistakes - constrains cooperation across departmental silos - looks for short term simplistic trade-off between investments in human growth and business performance: then it loses on both sides!

But you want to contribute more to the human growth of your coworkers. Are you ready to start with yourself?

We designed 5 years ago programs to help leaders positively impact the human growth of coworkers. This is a VUCA challenge: leaders must start with themselves!

Dominique Fagnoule, fagnoule CIO BNP Paribas Personal Finance (from 2009 to 2013) : “They challenged me and my team to improve mutual feedback, trust, delegation and focus on rapid results. With their help, we became a performing team progressing our IT transformation beyond planned targets.”

Our experience delivering these programs led us to major insights. The three crucial success factors to achieve human growth are:

  • to become aware of systemic behaviors to initiate actions with a lasting impact
  • to create and maintain a mutual support group within their own work environment
  • to approach human growth and long-term business performance as the inseparable faces of the same coin

You fill find here the description of our next inter-company development group, designed around these success factors: “Boost human growth and then business results”. This unique program will help you to reach a more rewarding work experience :

  • develop into an example of human growth: asking for feedback and using it, giving trust, providing coaching and support,…
  • sustain a valued impact on your coworker’s human growth: helping to clear away confusion and powerlessness, clarifying how to boost business results with human growth

Antonio Cano, cano COO Ageas (CEO AG Insurance from 2009 to 2015) : “As a participant in the first inter-company development group led by Serge, I became much more aware of the impact my behavior had on my colleagues and I did better adjust my behavior to the different and changing needs of the real-life business environment. This made me a wiser manager and helped me to contribute to the development of AG Insurance, already the Belgian market leader, into an even stronger performing organization.”

How to register for the free kick-off and Q/A session?

If you could be interested to join the “Boost human growth and then business results” program: - read the description below - come to the free kick-off session. This is also a free public standalone workshop. At the end of this standalone workshop, we will run a Q/A session for this 9 month program. You can then join the program, or not, after the Q/A session. So register now for the public standalone workshop to allow us to prepare its logistics.​​ - “Leave a Reply” at the bottom of this page for all inquiries about the program and/or for joining this 9 month program

What is the program description?

Program name Boost human growth and then business results
Format Inter-company peer support group facilitated by an expert business coach and facilitator
Participants Maximum number: 7
Language English
Achievable results in 2017 (1) Clear progress for each participant’s human growth (see above)
(2) Clear positive impact on some coworkers human growth
(3) Tangible contribution to business performance
Development process Participants progress on their objectives between meetings. Peer coaching in group meetings help improve progress vs objectives.
Practice of processes / tools (see list below) They are introduced by the coach/facilitator, practiced immediately during the group meetings and applied selectively in function of the specific challenges in each work environment. This application is improved through peer coaching in group meetings.
Individual coaching Each participant will receive on demand 2 individual sessions of 1.5 hours coaching during or after the program
Kick-off and Q/A session (*) 8 November 2016, 19h00-22h30 : Free kick-off workshop and Q/A session.
Followed by group meetings planning with candidate participants.
Address: transforma bxl, 13 avenue Jules Bordet, 1140 Brussels
Group meetings 8 sessions of 12 day in Brussels over a period of 9 months, plus the kick-off session of October13
Price (VAT excl.) Invoiced to a company with at least 6 employees: 2000€.
Invoiced to a company with fewer than 6 employees or to a non-profit organization: 1500€.
No invoice issued: contact Serge Pegoff for pricing

Which processes and tools will we learn?

The initial list of processes and tools we will use is:

  • Understand systemic forces in an organization (October 13) and use them to select actions with more resilient results
  • Practice, and spread, continuous behavioral improvement by asking and receiving individual feedback and support
  • Initiate and sustain a mutual peer support group in your work environment
  • Progress a culture of feedback, trust and effective decision making in teams
  • Create strong mutual support in a peer group with 3 different approaches: deep listening, action learning and simulation of real human growth challenges
  • Conduct coaching conversations to help clear away confusion and powerlessness and strengthen business focus
  • Provide support to clarify complex business challenges with human growth and delegation